At Resilience Across Borders, Inc., we aim to increase children and adolescent’s resilience and decrease barriers to intervention.

Resilience refers to the ability to adapt well to life and its challenges. Children may struggle to bounce back from challenges due to a variety of factors including difficulty with self-regulation and limited social competence. Childhood resilience is associated with numerous positive outcomes including improved behavior, peer relationships, family functioning, and academic achievement.

The Resilience Builder Program® uses a cognitive behavioral framework to enhance social competence and self-regulation. The Resilience Builder Program® has been conducted for decades in a private practice setting. Resilience Across Borders strives to increase access and remove barriers to intervention. Our intention is to reach children who for financial, logistical or social stigma barriers may previously not have access to important resilience skills. We plan to train clinicians to implement the Resilience Builder Program in schools with high percentage of low-income students as well as in developing nations around the world. Further we strive to conduct research on the effectiveness of this program to be able to adapt the program to most effectively help children to grow and adapt to life’s challenges.