What our participants say


By the numbers: 





The most helpful things I learned from group were:

“How to deal with stress”

“To calm myself down”

“To not react without thinking of the consequences”

“how to have a proactive mindset and how to deal with stress and anger.”

“I learned to be empathetic”

“being proactive, and being empathetic”

“How to be assertive and how to solve a problem”

“I learned how to control my anger and how to start up conversations”




Why did you continue leading Resilience Builder Program ® groups?

“I like working in group settings and providing resources in the school setting is important for kids who wouldn’t get services otherwise”


School Counselors

“The RBP is a worthwhile program that provides support to students who were recommended for the program for a variety of reasons (behavioral, emotional, social).  Various hardships (transportation, language, financial) often make it difficult for parents to access support for their children.  Because this program was offered on-site, many students were able to benefit from the program”

“The Resilience Builder Program has been beneficial in teaching students to gain self-awareness by reflecting on personal choices and behaviors. Through discussion and engaging activities, students rehearse the skills taught each session in order to improve and strengthen interpersonal relationships and learn coping skills necessary to navigate life’s ups and downs. ” -Marina Sklias, school counselor at Cresthaven Elementary School