Resilience Across Borders is dedicated to increasing access to mental health interventions for all children and adolescents. Our research-informed program helps youth build resilience so they can adapt to life’s challenges and thrive.


By proactively building their resilience, children will grow into healthy adults. Resilience enhances social connections, academic engagement, and helps mitigate the effects of anxiety and depression.


At Resilience Across Borders, we believe that…

  • All children deserve access to proactive mental health resources, especially those who face barriers due to financial constraints

  • Continued research is key to providing effective, evidence-based programs that meet our high standards of quality

  • Engaging with and listening closely to our stakeholders will not only improve our programs, but also empower the communities we serve

  • Accepting and including people of all identities and backgrounds is crucial in order to best serve our stakeholders, communities, volunteers, and staff